Fine Motor Friday with Play-Doh®

The secret … well, it’s been out for awhile now. I love working on fine motor skills. They are absolutely pivotal skills so important in every child’s education and life.

Think buttoning a shirt, holding a pencil, zipping up your coat, picking up a penny that you dropped, picking sausage off of your pizza… they are all skills that depend upon strong fine motor coordination.

Not only in the classroom do we practice our fine motor skills daily, we have an entire day dedicated to it: Fine Motor Friday.

You can read all about what Fine Motor Friday is here.

And my absolute favorite thing to use to practice skills is Play-Doh®. So when Play-Doh® reached out and offered to send a few sets over to try out for free*, I did a happy dance.

Watch my Facebook Live video unveiling of these products here.

NOTE * While I did receive these sets at no cost to me, any and all opinions in this blog post are my own. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. View the full disclosure policy here.


This set holds a heaping ton of variety for skill practice and differentiation.

Inside of this box you will find:
• mini instruction booklet
• 26 uppercase letter stamps
• 2 double-sided play mats (one unfolds and is super large)
• 1 dough pen
• 1 dough roller
• 6 medium containers of Play-Doh®

The mini instruction book is my favorite, and will probably be a lesson plan saver more times than not.

The emotions mat is my favorite from this set because it is such a tough skill for my little friends. The mini booklet shows some great ideas for implementation, outside of what I was thinking!

You can find the Play-Doh® Shape & Learn: Letters & Language set here.


This set is my absolute FAVORITE Shape & Learn set.

I love teaching colors and shapes, and this Shape & Learn set does a great job at learning and reinforcing basic colors and 2D shapes.

Inside of your box, you will find all of these goodies:
• 8 shape cutters
• 8 small containers of Play-Doh®
• mini instruction booklet
• 2 double-sided Play-Doh® mats.
• 1 dough roller

Again, all hail to the mini instruction booklet… I’m going to keep it in a very safe place for substitute plans and simple para-as-the-teacher centers.

This shape building mat is my favorite favorite FAVVVVORITE part of this entire set.

I love that there are colorful visuals to help students recreate the images. BUT it helps to spark imagination and gets students manipulating different shapes to create art. #winner

The colorful sequencing mat is great tool too.

Students can recreate the patterns, or just fill them in. There’s one blank section on the bottom of the mat for a student to create his or her own pattern.

Using the shape cutters, you or your students could even create new sequencing patterns by tracing the shape cutters. You could then incorporate shapes of different sizes to differentiate the skill, and easily laminate to keep it with the set!

You can find the Play-Doh Shape & Learn: Colors & Shapes set here.


The Numbers & Counting set is a great addition to Fine Motor Friday because you can practice, well fine motor, but also numbers and number sense.

Inside of your box you will find:
• mini instruction booklet
• 3 medium containers of Play-Doh®
• 10 number cards
• 2 double-sided play mats
• 8 ocean animal stampers

The Numbers & Counting set is truly functional in a special needs classroom.

Use it to reach or reinforce numbers and number sense with the colorful and encouraging ocean animal stampers.

My only question is… where’s the shark stamper? 😉

If you want to see what other activities are available during our Fine Motor Friday time, you can read the blog post here.


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